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While it's hard to understate the importance of regular backups of your data, as the poet Robert burns once said, "The best laid schemes o' mice an' menOften go awry." We're pretty sure Mr. Burns was talking about catastrophic data failure when he wrote that line, and luckily MacProdigies has a solution for that. DriveSavers is a nationally acclaimed business that's worked with everyone from huge corporations to the FBI, and they specialize in one thing: getting your personal data back even in the worst of circumstances. DriveSavers works on iPhones that've been dropped in the toilet, computers that have been in a house-fire, and regular old crashed hard drives. If all else fails and you absolutely have to get that data back, try DriveSavers.

Also be sure to check out the free DriveSavers App on the App Store: it shows you how a hard drive actually works, what's actually going wrong when your hard drive stops working, and how to avoid issues in the future.